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Snuggle soother

Snuggle Soother Unicorn

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The Snuggle Soother is Babies Best Friend, it has a strong velcro strap and ring adaptor that attaches to all major brands of pacifiers including Mam, Nuby, Avent, NUK, Philips Soothies, Dr. Browns, and many more. This gives parents the ability to attach their babies' preferred pacifier and allows you to replace and sanitize the pacifier whenever necessary. The Snuggle Soother’s cute and cuddly designs are designed for little hands to hold and the soft rattle inside stimulates self-play for babies. The Snuggle Soother designs will sit on the baby’s chest and makes it easier for them to move the pacifier themselves from a young age. When your baby outgrows the pacifier, The Snuggle Soother soft animals becomes a familiar toy to help the transition with less stress

  • designed for tiny hands to hold & snuggle
  • sits on babies chest as a comforter
  • very lightweight won't drag the pacifier down
  • attach to ANY brand of pacifier
  • soft rattle inside to stimulate self-play
  • comes with an adapter for MAM
  • machine washable
  • soft Velcro detachable strap
  • clips onto clothes, stroller straps, etc so it won’t get lost
  • allows babies to locate their own pacifier

Size is 6 inch wide x 7 inch high