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Brean Baby Essentials

Brean Bundle Giftbox Newborn Baby Essentials (My Little Angel)

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Baby Care Essentials Bundle My Little Angel.

We have carefully created the ultimate Baby care essentials bundle.

  • The Organic cotton baby swaddle with its multiple uses, good stretch, and superior breathability. In one of the best colors of the season.
  • The hooded baby towel in Bamboo fabric for superior absorption, naturally anti-microbial protection, and in the off-white color. which is both gender Neutral and classic.
  • The Flipsi Baby feeding bottle system is the true anti-colic bottle. That eliminates air in the bottle not manage it. Providing superior quality un-exposed milk and reducing the symptoms of colic brought on by swallowing air.
  • The snuggle soother toy that not only soothes the baby but holds any manufacturer's pacifier.  The built-in rattle provides stimulation 
  • The classic Bibs Pacifier (size 1 Newborn). With natural rubber, cherry-shaped nipple. Very well accepted by most babies it is super soft and resembles the shape of a mother's breast.

When preparing for your newborn what could be better than a collection of all the must-haves "s  to care for them when the big day arrives? 

(Basket Not Included for display only).