Why Organic

  • Pesticides Mainstream cotton crops endures the Third highest pesticide use in the world. These Toxic pesticides infiltrate the local water supply , affecting the pickers and factory workers who work with  the cotton , the entire wildlife eco system and also to a smaller extent the people who wear the clothing. Organic cotton is pesticide free!
  • Water Cotton is a very water-hungry crop. Did you know that it takes over 2,700 liters of water to make one conventional cotton t-shirt, and almost 11,000 to make a pair of jeans? If you consider that the average person needs three liters of water to survive per day, that’s over ten year’s worth of someone’s clean water to make your jeans. Organic cotton uses dramatically Less potable water. Helping to maintain this essential resource.
  • Diversity With organic gardening practices, seeds are developed slightly differently in every region. Seeds are collected and stored, and the strongest strains continue to develop and grow. With GMO production, more of the world uses only ONE type of seed. That means that if that crop ever fails, for any reason including some kind of pest or disease that has yet to develop, it could be a disaster. The more genetic diversity the better…for everyone.
  • Fair Trade Ethically Made Organic cotton offers far more options for fair trade, directly paid to smaller Ethically run local farms. At BREAN we know where our cotton comes from, and that we are helping in creating a sustainable local economy for that community. NO Child labour is used in the production of BREAN Products.

And yet, less than one percent of all cotton worldwide is grown organically. In this case, choosing organic can literally save the planet.

We can and must do better. with your support. :-)