About us


Brean Colour Inspiration

Canadian parent-owned baby brand. As our newborn faced skin challenges, we searched for natural products that could help.

However, you may not always be able to find what you are looking for. Consequently, we designed our products and manufacturing process ourselves.  Ensuring that we can stand behind an Organic and sustainable-  Baby product line. Brean is high quality, ethically manufactured, esthetically pleasing, practical, and safe. This is how BREAN baby natural Essentials were born and how we strive to protect our planet one swaddle at a time.

We followed the process that an idea that will solve our problems will likely solve the problems of others. We establish a line of products that met all the criteria that we were looking for.

  • Natural materials.
  • Free of Toxins
  • Organic farming methods.
  • Sustainability
  • Ethically Made
  • Highest Quality.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Fully Tested and certified.
  • Functional.

Using our Childhood Memories we set out to create a Natural and Organic line of Baby Essentials, swaddles reflecting the Colours of nature that we seek to protect for Future Generations.

BREAN is an eco-conscious brand thoughtfully designed in Canada and ethically made in India. To us, this means exceptional quality, comfortable, GOTS-certified organic lines, and innovative and fashion-forward designs for extended wear that respects both people and nature.

Proud to be Canadian. Available worldwide

Brean Landscape

Our vision for BREAN was inspired by our childhood memories and dreams that originated on the southwest coast of England. BREAN is also a nature reserve and represents our desire of protecting nature and the environment we live in This is Brean. BEANS collection of products for babies and families through thoughtful design and timeless quality.  All colors are  Natural and Organic Baby Essentials is inspired by the hues of the ocean, seaweed, driftwood, sand, sunsets, and foliage all packaged in this wonderful collection 

All our product colors represent a piece of BREAN. 

As parents, we always strive for the best-  for our children – natural materials, Excellent quality, and modern design made in an ethical environment. BREAN is our third child, born with passion and strong values in mind.

Our special love is the beauty and intelligence of organic materials, which we present in various forms to be the perfect partner for a growing child’s life. We love the texture, the colors, the look, and the feel. We love that it is such a unique blend of beauty, function, and sustainability.

Here is a famous Sand art display from BREAN itself