Upgrading your mask protection if you don't have N95 on hand

Upgrading your mask protection if you don't have N95 on hand


How to upgrade your mask protection if you don’t have an N95 mask in hand?


This information is from the New York Times. Full video and article is linked here. 

This technique will help you to have the best protection to provide for children and adults.

Steps to correctly double mask:


You will need a regular surgical mask and an Organic Cotton mask for best comfort.

  • Improve the fit of your surgical mask
  • Fold surgical mask in half
  • Tie a knot on both loops
  • Tuck in the sides
  • Mold the nose as you place it on
  • Place a loop over each ear
  • Make sure the mask is over the nose and under the chin
  • Select a good quality double layer cotton mask. Organic is recommended
  • Cover the surgical mask with the organic cotton mask
  • Adjust nose to chin for maximum coverage


Double masking stops most droplets from getting in and out. This was recommended by professionals. Find full article and video demonstration in our bio link .

For our BREAN customers we lowered the prices of ALL organic facemasks. They come in 3 sizes for best fit.


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