This is our Story: BREAN life experiences as an Entrepreneur

This is our Story: BREAN life experiences as an Entrepreneur

Using Unique Life Experiences to Gain a Competitive Edge as an Entrepreneur and Living Mindfully Through Life-Changing Moments

Can you think of a unique life experience that gave you a turning point and changed your life radically altering the path you were on? By drawing from your own life experiences, you can establish a strong foundation for your business.

Today so many people starting their own businesses and there is an intense competition on the entrepreneurial arena. It does not matter what you will be offering you are going to run into other businesses offering something similar. As an educator I am used to a collaborative culture. The business world is largely competitive -- but many of the most successful companies thrive because of collaborative efforts. And this is how we would like to make a mark on the entrepreneurial arena.

BREAN’s success depends on working with others to transform our ideas into reality. From product design, manufacturing and the countless hours spent on packaging details, many skillsets needed to launch our business. It is a fine dance of deciding what can we do on our own and when we need to work with others who specialize in these areas to help us achieve more.

Use your experience to solve market needs

Trying to solve our own problems were the first step putting us on the map. It is no secret that many of the most successful entrepreneurs achieving success by this way. But you do not have to draw from work experiences to find something that the market needs. We started first with a distribution business when our newborn was facing challenges, we frantically looked for a product on the market that can help. The products that helped us with our babies become our staple products to distribute to North America.

But you can’t always find what you are looking for. This is how we decided to design our own products and follow through with the manufacturing process to ensure that we can stand behind a fully sustainable product line that is high quality, ethically manufactured, esthetically pleasing, practical and safe. This is how BREAN was born. BREAN is our third child. We followed the thought process that an idea that will solve our own problems will likely solve the problems of others and used the lessons learned and knowledge gained from our own life to establish a line of products that met all the criteria that we were looking for.


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