If you’re a MOM you are an influencer.

If you’re a MOM you are an influencer.

Learning how to become an Instagram mom influencer is an exciting and fun way for stay-at-home moms to make some extra cash from home. BREAN is thrilled to announce its first-ever affiliate program.

Moms often ask each other about products they recommend using. What's not better than earning cash every time you recommend a product you love. Working from home with BREAN will give you the opportunity to be a mom first and watch your kids grow up every step of the way, while earning some extra cash.

YES, we said CASH $$$

We appreciate you and want to give the earnings directly back to you. You will be joining the BREAN team to help everyone else to learn about the amazing products you love.

Let’s do this!

Eligibility: We would love to invite all Moms with children aged 0-3 years old . The only thing we ask that you must have public social media account and live in Canada or USA. We will ask you to sign up with your Instagram account which will show that our values align.

Rewards:  We are offering a 10% off with a personalized code to all your friends, family, and followers. And the same time you will collect 10% commission on each sales your friends generated. YES, we are providing you with hard cash. Not a store credit, not a coupon code but hard cash. At top of this all we will be rewarding our top affiliates with free products.

 BREAN will give you the opportunity to be a mom first and watch your kids grow up every step of the way, while earning some extra cash.

You may want to ask how can you become a top affiliate?

Tips and Tricks for getting Started

  1. Feel free to use our Marketing Resources for post inspiration! We created a folder with incredible pictures and other tricks you may wish to use. This will be accessible on your affiliate portal


  1. Follow us at @breanworld on Instagram and repost our content and pictures using your link and code! We post a couple of times a week and we would encourage all of our affiliate to repost our content on your side tagging us in the text, and also on the pictures. Offering your unique code in these posts you will invite your friend and family to check out the products and benefit from the discount you are offering.
  2. Generate your own marketing content using the marketing resources provided! Don’t forget to tag us in pictures and posts.
  3. Share, share, share! Post your referral link and code across social media, when your followers make a purchase, you'll be credited on the dashboard

Either way we got you. We are here to help, to support, and to cheer for your successes. 

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